Acoustic Consultancy

With a holistic approach to noise and all acoustic matters, Glasgow based KSG Acoustics brings together knowledge, exacting standards and the ablity to deliver on all major infrastructre, planning and entertainment projects.  Service delivered on time, on budget thanks to Scotland's leading acoustic consultancy.

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Measurement Sensors

Design, manufacture, hire and sales of the RECLINE Remote Inclinometer System.  When it comes to inclinometer sensors, KSG Sensors deploys a wealth of experience and knowledge.  With continuted investement and research, KSG Sensors continues to make new innovative and exciting measurement products right here in the UK.

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Live Concert Recording

From audio design to sound engineers and live concert and location recording, KSG Recording has the skills, knowhow and equipment to ensure a high class performance all round.  With the lastest technology and decades of experience in the music and entertainment indsutry, KSG Recording brings out the best results in any show.

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